Sambava basking on it's side


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Hello errybody, i have a quick question. Is it normal for chams to sometimes bask on their sides? I caught my sambava basking on his side earlier, it was like he was laying don on his side under the basking light. His eyes were open and he got up and walked away fine after i approached his cage. I then misted the cage and he began to drink like normal. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks



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its normal, it how they get more surface area and absorb more heat that way and flatted their bodies and go on their sides to get the most heat.:)


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It's normal. Some chams go to extremes. I had a wc verrucosus who would actually lie down on the carpet in a warm sunny patch. He would sometimes lie down on a wet surface in his cage. Odd little guy.


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thanks, i feel better now. It's just the first time i've seen him do that. He was pretty flat too, lol.


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Lateral basking is what a cham does in the wild. The sun isn't usually at high noon all day, receiving light and heat from the side is what they evolved to do. Not straight down directly from the top. I personally think placing your basking lamp on an angle so that your cham can actually do this without laying over is the best approach. You will notice shorter basking times and way less chance of burns due to long periods of inefficient top basking. Cheers!

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is it normal for a cham to lay down sort of like a dog when basking. because mine does on the top branch under his light.
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