Sale or Trade: Organic Dubia, Superworms, Mealworms, Spring tails, and B. fusca

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Hey guys! I have some organic dubia roaches, mealworms, and superworms for sale. These were grown by me on my own high quality gutload. I never use cat/dog/fish food. (I like to think of it as if the bugs were me. If I eat healthy foods my whole life I will be healthy. If I eat junk food my whole life, I will not be healthy. It doesn't make a difference if I eat well for a week [gutloading] as I will still be unhealthy!) Your pets get what my pets get! i send a small baggy of my gutload with the insects for you to use if you wish. there are no fillers and everything is chosen for it's quality and nutrition. If you would like to know what is in it, please ask.

Almost everything I use to raise these guys is organic, biodegradable, recycled, or recyclable. All cloth is biodegradable and organic. All paper materials are biodegradable and recyclable (A lot of it is also recycled as well!) Heat packs are natural and safe. Unfortunately my tape and styrofoam for insulation do not yet fall under one of these categories but I am working on switching over. However, styrofoam can be recycled at a number of facilities which I kindly ask you try to use. Any non-food bedding is made from pre-consumer recycled, safe, sawdust. All soil is organic! Plastic deli cups are recyclable and I am working on getting biodegradable ones as well! I use USPS shipping as they are certified as being "green" friendly. Boxes may or may not be organic or made from post/pre consumer products but they are always recyclable and recycled or reused whenever I can!

Want to save money?
If you ship back any cloth bags or show me some form of proof that you have sent any styrofoam to a recycling facility that accepts it, I will give you 15% off of your next purchase from me.

****I have waaaaay to many T. molitor pupae. If you would like some for free with your order, let me know***

Dubia Roaches!

These are 1/2" or smaller. There is always a 10%-20% overcount.

50 count - $10
100 count - $15
250 count - $30
500 count - $50


These are about 1" in size and are T. molitor. Always a 20%-30% overcount by weight.

100 count - $6
250 count - $10
500 count - $16


These are a Folsomia sp. They are temperate and white. They reach about 3mm-4mm as adults. 16 oz cultures. I have a very small number so get them while you can!

Fresh culture - $8
Producing culture - $10


These are Z. morio and they reach about 2" before they pupate. These are 1.5-2 inches or so. 10%-20% overcount.

50 count - $5
100 count - $8
250 count - $16

I will trade for certain other exotic inverts (not Ts right now unless you can convince me ) and feeders (especially roaches, preferably a different species or large/adult dubia.)

B. fusca

I will only trade these. See above. I have 1/2" or smaller nymphs and adults.


1-3 day shipping through USPS is free. Express is extra (usually $20-$25 more) I guarantee live arrival as long as your temperatures do not drop below 40 degrees F during transit and there are no problems that are out of my control. I usually ship out on mondays or tuesdays and sometimes wednesdays. Because of the nature of this listing, I need to be notified within 24 hours of arrival of any problems. DO NOT leave them sitting outside. Although these roaches are very hardy, I cannot be held responsible for any problems if they are left out in the cold.

I will not ship them at lower temperatures without heat and insulation. I usually check the temperatures in the buyers area, but it is your responsibility to know the temperatures and to tell us if it will drop below 40 degrees F. I have no problem waiting a few days to wait for weather to warm up if needed. I can also send them in an insulated box with a heat pack for a small extra fee.

Please email me at [email protected] for the fastest response!


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Have live carolina mantis nymphs for sale. Great as pets as well as food! Extremely reasonably priced! Also have mealworm breeding kits available!
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