Salamanders in Ohio


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I found this guy first which prompted to start looking for more. Kind of a sick picture hes is dead or dying. I really dont know what happened. I thought an animal may have killed it. Or some one may have stepped on it.

Found few of these little guys. Picked him up for a quick second for a picture.



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they are beautiful. well, to me at least. but i do find all reptiles and amphibians magnificent. that place looks like salamander paradise


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The first picture of the dead one appears to be an Ambystoma maculatum, the spotted salamander. The second is possibly an Ambystoma barbouri, the streamside salamander. The tiny one I can't identify. The Peterson Field Guide to Central and Eastern North America is an excellent book for identification. It uses the process of elimination to narrow down specimins based on range and morphology.
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