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Cage Info: Dense, defined basking spot, safe plants.
Cage Type - 48" 24" 24" screen from flchams
Lighting - zilla 5.0 uv 50 watt basking lamp
Temperature - Low 80's to 70's on bottom to 88 basking spot have thermometer
Humidity - Not sure of exact levels but i mist 3x daily for about 5 mins, and am currently in the process of buying an auto mister
Plants - all safe, Deremensis, ficus, and cant remember the name of the other (similar to deremensis)
Location - Cage is about 4 feet of ground, so he can get up about 7 feet, in the garage (best ambient temps there) so very little traffic
Chameleon Info: Tamatave Panther Chameleon
Your Chameleon - I have had this cham in my care for 7 months, he is now 11 months
Handling - just a few times a week so i can get him outside to get natural rays
Feeding - Staple crickets gutloaded w/ cricket crack, spirulnia squares and carrots, and superworms, he doesnt like hornworms and i havent been able to get silkies recently
Supplements - I have Zilla chameleon vitamins mixed with calcium and bee pollen, and dust with cal. D3 every 2 weeks
Watering - with pump mist, as explained before, and he drinks a little one day and alot others
Fecal Description - Normal with a little bit of yellow, but ive been working on that, i was bright orange so that isnt really a problem i dont think. never been tested for parasites
History - not that i can think of
Current Problem - i notice that he has a little bit of "sag" like on his neck area, it isnt hard, and ive felt it and it doesnt seem to bother him, should i be concerned??
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