Safe plants for veileds?

Hibiscus are safe and very attractive plants. Unfortunately, they need more lighting than what a normal chameleon cage provides. In my experience, I have had to rotate a few hibiscus plants in order to keep them alive.
Apparently there is more than one type of umbrella plant but schefflera is the safe one to use. I have tried several schefflera and a hibiscus plant but all died fairly quickly. The only plants that I can keep alive in my vivs are Benjamina Ficus but I have a few in rotation because the locusts, that I feed my chameleons, strip them bare! I have successfully used other plants from the ficus family too. I would like to try Pothos but haven't had the chance to as yet.
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I use pothos and they are the only ones I keep alive under the fake light. The hibiscus and ficus died. They work great in the summer or if you are outside, but it being winter here in Wisconsin, it is out of the question. Right now my enclousure includes a 2 1/2 foot high dead hibiscus and a living pothos which is wrapping around it.
Anyone know of branched trees that are non-toxic and can support the weight of an adult cham (he broke an umbrella tree)
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