safe plant?


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not so fast

I beleive Ficus sp. are safe. Cheers

No, some species are dangerously toxic; other species have really caustic sap.

I know the species the OP is asking about, but I have no evidence that it is a danger. I do find it one of the more challenging species to grow; it needs very bright sun.

Here is a post with my short-list of the good and the bad:

quoted here for your convenience:

Safe Ficus incude:
F. benjamina ("weeping fig")
F. elastica (aka: robusta, decora "rubber tree")
F. sycomorus
F. maclellandi (aka alii "willow-leaved fig")
F. 'Amstel King'

I would recommend avoiding the following which all have been cited in animal poisonings:
F. nekbudu (aka: utilis "Zulu fig")
F. lyrata ("fiddle-leaved fig")
F. pumila (aka: repens, "the creeping fig").

Certain people develop an allergic reaction to fig sap. It is wise to protect your skin and eyes when pruning figs.
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