Safe distance from Lamp to Basking spot for Powersun 100 watt MVB


Hi all not trying to have anyone jump down my throat for not searching the previous posts. Because I have and still cant find my answer. I am not worrying about heat as far as too little heat or too much I have other meens of adjusting temperature. I also dont need people telling me not to use this product and do this that and the other thing. I just would like good information about this specific product as far as distance to and from basking spot. I appologize about saying all the specifics I really enjoy this forum but some people on here tend to jump down your throat at times when I think anybody should be able to ask anything on here at anytime and be given positive feedback.
Thanks also this is for a male Panther chameleon in a 24x24x48 inch enclosure


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Because of the great variation between MVB bulbs, I don't recommend them without the use of a UVB meter to be sure it's not too strong. Especially when kept over a cage as the animal has less room to move. JMO. You don't want the animal to get too much UVB or too little (or even UVC!!!! :eek:)


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......I am not worrying about heat as far as too little heat or too much I have other meens of adjusting temperature. I also dont need people telling me not to use this product and do this that and the other thing......yada yadda yadda
As far as I know, nobody here manufactures that product, and given your arrogant diatribe,
it leaves little to say except, "contact the manufacturer".
Even that would come under 'do this that and the other thing'.
Sorry I cant help you, nor am I particularly willing to. No post has pissed me off so quickly, in quite some time.
Why buy the bloody product without finding that out anyway, think for yourself!

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You shouldn't of wrote anything then. It's people like yourself I wrote that for. You commented just to be rude. Zoo med makes it I don't know if they carry them where your from but they are pretty big in the states. I don't need a reply from you either as I'm sure it won't pertain to what is a safe distance for this mv flood light from the basking spot. I want to say thank you though for proving my point even though I asked you not to. Cheers


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You get what you ask for, and you did ask for it!
Lose your bad attitude and give people the benefit of doubt
and you might get a welcome reply.
I read your post to see if I could help you,
I replied it, to give you what you expected.

When I said 'here', I meant the forum. Your rant leaves little to offer,
'do this that and the other' pretty much covers all bases.
Harry gave you a reply and that was more than your post deserved.
I can't possibly know the specs of your lamp, but you should, you bought it.
Including that information would be alot more helpful
than abusing those you expect to help you.
Quit whining and make friends instead.
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O my god leave it be

Like are you serious? If you didnt know anything about the power sun mv you didn't need to comment at all and now your acting like your the moderator get a life and leave me alone. Again I don't need your this that or the other thing unless it had to do with the zoo med power sun 100 watt mvb! I have a tissue for you now since your so upset on how I posted. The reason I did is because I look at these other posts and exactly what you did happens and after three pages of back and forth bickering the question doesn't get answered. So just leave it BE!


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Hahaha. If you don't want opinions then you shouldn't be on a forum! That's what it's for.... if you want product specifics then do as jojojackson said and talk to the manufacturer. They'll tell you all kinds of things you're wanting to hear!

I know these kinds of threads piss people off, and rightly so, but I think they're just amusing.

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In the manufacturers (Zoomed) manual, a minimal safe distance is 30 centimeters... so 11 inch, from lamp to animal.


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i have a free range set up but i keep my powersun 100w at around 13 and a half inches..i have a biovine as the basking spot so it can be moved closer or further from the light..seems to work well for me..
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