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well after a long Battle with her health my flap neck passed on last night.. I took her to the vet, and they told me she was going to be ok. they kept her a few days and i got her back and she looked like she was back to normal. only had to give her Meds. daily.. last night i got home from work and she seemd bloated and her white spots were now black. i knew something wasnt rite. at 4:30 this morning i heard a horrible noise.. it was the noise of her falling from her branch.. :( .. its been a hard day dealing with this.. her male is actually still sick with giving him the same meds as her, looks to me like that Vet is going to be seeing me again but im not going to happy ..


R.I.P Norma Jean 10 month old flap neck
Fabos, caution yourself upon the return to your vet, overmedicating is very easily possible with chameleons, and some vets may be less reserved than others.

Best of luck with the male. Have you redesigned the cage yet?
I think over medication is why my Jackson died. He had MBD when I got him. A month of calcium glutonate and he was doing great. I went back to the vet for a check up and the told me to continue the medication. He died about 8 days later. Hanging on the screen with his whole middle sunk in. I personally think his liver quit working on him from all the medicine. I had a feeling I should have ignored the vet but I kept giving it to him anyway because I figured he would know better then me.

I guess that decision is really on you what to do. The main thing that gave me second thoughts about giving him more medicine is he had started eating good and became very active. He was like a new chameleon compared to what he was when I got him.

I am sorry to hear about your lose.
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