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I have a Rudis Chameleon that i got a few days ago. She is in a screened cage. She gets misted a 2/3 times a day and has a drip system. She has been eating well, and moves around. However, she seems to get dark very often. When I turn the lights on in the morning, (UV and heat) she gets dark and usually spends time near the heat source. However, at night she goes green (even though its dark, I can still see her colour. When I turn the lights on in the morning she is light green, but slowly gets darker within a few minutes. I'd guess that she is not warm enough, and tries to heat up during the day. But the bulb is 100 Watts... and even so, why would she go light when it's cooler and the lights are off... shouldn't she become dark, trying to get more heat.

Almost all chameleons turn light while sleeping. They turn dark to absorbe light heat, so since there is no light while they are sleeping, they stay lighter. Also, chameleons actually NEED a temperature drop at night.
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Yes, I understand that, but usually the chameleons I see are still pretty much green during the day as well. Mine is dark the ENTIRE day... it just doesn't seem right to me.
Are you sure your setup is correct? You may want to list the details of the environment you have created for your cham; you will get better and more accurate replies that way. You mention a 100w bulb, but that really does not tell us much. For some help on what info to include, check out this link: [THREAD=66]How to ask for help[/THREAD]. Most importantly, what is the temperature gradient you are providing for your chameleon?
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