Rudis Babies!!


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I received a pair of Rudis beginning August.....well I now have 5 babies!!!
Oh they are so cute, so are coming asap.
Congrats!!! Im waiting for my 2 girls to drop their litters!!

Hydrate the hell outa them!!!!! Seriously.............u can not mist these babies enough!!!!!!!! Feed lots of food............these little critters are eating machines and need alooooottttt of food!!!! And cooler temps then the adults!!!


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Thanks everyone for the comment and wishes!

I'm very excited as these will start the baby crazy around here (veiled, panther, flaps incubating :eek: )

Orchidartist - there will be a couple of them available when they are ready ;)


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3 weeks old

Well these guys are now 3 weeks old and doing very well. Very hard to get good pictures of them. They dart under vines as soon as they see me lol.


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