Rotten egg????


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My veiled chameleon laid her 1st clutch about 10 days she seems to have laid a single egg that looked rotten. She has been eating and acting normal but I’m concerned. Has anyone seen this before. I want to do right by her...we didn't know she was a she until she laid eggs. Help


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Where did she lay the eggs?
She could be retaining eggs...and that's not good.
well like i said, we did not know she was a she...she had been acting funny, on the bottom of her cage a lot, not eating etc...i know now what that was. She got to the top of her cage and literally shook out 27 eggs. I feel terrible that i didnt have a place for her to lay them but i didnt know.


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Got any photos of her?
Since she laid the eggs, how has she been behaving?
She seems to be behaving normal, pissy little attitude in tact, lol. Eating, hunting, drinking, etc normally.


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The hammocks and fake plants/fake vines with leaves need to be taken out and replaced with veiled-tested live plants, branches, and vines (no moss or Exo Terra vines either)
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