Rolly Pollies?


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Today Hermie made his first (highly supervised) trip outside ... I let him climb around on some flower plants, bushes and trees (all with one hand under him just in case he fell, because he is still grabbing his right front with his right hind). Well he was walking great along the ground and then without warning, BAM he nabbed a rolly polly (usually I can see his I'm gonna get something face). Of course once I brought out some crickets for him he wouldn't give those a second glance, but he sure tried to grab two more rollie pollies (I've also heard them called pill or potatoe bugs ... you know the ones that roll into a ball when you touch them). Do you think that it will harm him? I'm worried that they will make him sick, and I will certainly keep a better eye on his mouth from now on.

Of course he has also gone on a cricket strike and refused crickets for a few days ... loosing 5 grams ... which he rapidly gained back once offered wax and meal worms. I have another shipment of silks on order. LIfe would be so much easier of he would just eat crickets...
They are fine for your cham. The one thing you might want to be cautious about is any fertilizer from the soil that they may be living in. I buy them for the pygmies. Their official roll is supposed to be as tank cleaners, but the pygmies eat them pretty quickly. I doubt I will ever get colonies going in the cages. Of course, the first batch got munched on pretty good, and then when I had mites in the tanks, I used diatomaceous earth to wipe them out. It also wiped out the remaining rolly pollies. I have new ones in there now... who knows how long they will make it though. If anyone sees the larger sized ones for sale, please let me know. Maybe the pygmies would be less inclined to grab the big ones.

Heika, where do you buy yours from? If hermie likes them I'd love to buy some for him ... I don't trust the ones he finds outside to be safe (pesticide wise).
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