Roger ‘humped’ me today!?!


Well, this is a first (for me)! Since the weather is glorious and summer like in Canada, I took Roger outside for some natural sunlight basking time which he’s grown to love these days. As I was carrying him back into the house, his grip on the top of my hand became noticeably tighter and his tail went from a wrapped position on my wrist to being arrow straight. I then noticed him doing something strange with his vent. I thought for a sec he was going to have a bowel movement. The next thing I know, he started making what I can only describe as a barely audible huffing noise and started ‘going to town’ on my hand with his vent! Usually he’s more than happy to go back to his enclosure but not this time! I couldn’t get the rascal off of my hand until he did the deed! I have had this happen with dogs, cats and parrots, but a lizard?! Attached is a photo of him being coy after said interlude. I’m amazed but feeling slightly violated at the same time 😂


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