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  1. lindseymeder16

    lindseymeder16 New Member

    Can chams eat any kind of roach, like the ones in your front yard? Or just dubia/discoid/orange spotted roach?
  2. seanUTD

    seanUTD New Member

    I would DEFINITELY not feed WC roaches to your cham IMHO.... But in reality yea I'm almost positive most all obtainable roaches are okay... Dubias are the best IMHO because they can't climb and debatably can't fly (I've seen a male take off but only when severely threatened by a wandering chams eyes ;) and he only fluttered an inch) They have little to zero smell and are easily gut-loadable
  3. lindseymeder16

    lindseymeder16 New Member

    No worries, I wouldn't! Too many people spray pestiside around here because of all the scorpians. I don't know of a place here in AZ that sells dubias. Are lobster roaches ok?
  4. Monzon

    Monzon Established Member

    I have had good success feeding lobster roaches. Escapees are hardy survivors so be vigilant with these climbers.... An excellent feeder.
  5. seanUTD

    seanUTD New Member

    See I hate climbers, if you are wanting dubias stores won't sell them... Try the classifieds on the site or one of our site sponsors :)
  6. fluxlizard

    fluxlizard New Member

    I use lobsters, dubia and hissers.

    Lobsters are my chams favorite. Baby lobsters are good for baby chameleons too.

    I raise them in my lizard building though- I wouldn't keep them in my home. They are too hardy for my comfort- they could hang around for a while in the average home no problem.
  7. lindseymeder16

    lindseymeder16 New Member

    Yeah I already looked at mulberryfarms. Lobsters seem gross, I don't want roaches chillin in my room. haha.
  8. ataraxia

    ataraxia Avid Member

    Look under the classified section for some dubia.

    im a non-climber/flying roach kind of guy. i personally feed dubia and B.craniifer. both get large and when you get a colony rolling you will have a variety of sizes.

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