IMO. They are a excelent feeder. More meat to shell ratio. Wont chew on your animals at night. Dont climb, or stink or make noise. Dubia's IMO have no cons at all.

They are only bad when you feed them a high protein diet. If you feed them well all the time, they can be very great feeders! You should be feeding all your feeders well anyways though.
i feed my feeders with high calcium commercial feeder with calcium water cubes also add collard greens, kelp and carrots
Dubia Roaches are awesome feeders, easy to raise easy to breed grow from 1/8" to about 1.5" so they can feed almost any insectivore.

I use Dubias and Crickets as the staples of my chameleon diet, then throw in some silk worms, hornedworms, and superworms as treats.
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