Roaches-Where to buy?


I was wondering is someone recommends a certain place to buy roaches on-line. I would like them at a reasonable price, but don't care to compromise quality.
wish i could try roaches...

I wish i could try feeding roaches. Sadly though, shipping roaches to FL is illegal. :(
insecttrap said:
Try the products are good.


It wasn't a question of who has good products, as the person said "shipping roaches to FL is illegal." Last I knew didn't ship roaches there either. The fines are heavy if a person was to get cought doing it and I would be shocked if James at would do it since he is one of the few people in the business that carry any permits to ship roaches.
Thanks y'all,
I got my roaches from blaberus last week and they seem to be doing well. I hope to have many roaches multiplying for me in the next few months so my stock can be self sufficient.
Mine are overly self sufficient right now. I turned the light off on their cage, and they are still pumping out babies. You won't be disappointed!
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