Roaches and chameleons


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Last year when crickets were getting hard to get, I bought 20 lateralis roaches with the hope of breeding them to feed to my panther and other lizards. Well from day one, he would not eat them. Well now I have a whole tub full of these things and thank God my day geckos and even some of my dart frogs eat them. I hate the things but I know variety is the spice of life and he can't live on crickets his whole life. I figured he would love them since he eats the grasshoppers I catch in the fall. Well after weeks of cutting back on the crickets and trying everyday with the roaches(and I've tried every size) he started eating them. Not only a few by 6 and 8 at a time! I don't know if it's because they are new to him, even though the adult males are the same color of crickets or the fact that I will ONLY feed roaches in a cup. I'mso happy that he's eating these, because I was ready to give up on roaches for now.


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That's awesome! I also had trouble feeding Hugh roaches... It was new to him and he didn't recognize them as food. I guess they lacked certain movement to catch his attention but after days of trying, he finally nabbed one and now loves them. :)


i started trying to feed dubia to my cham yesterday with no luck. i am only willing to cup feed the roaches so i will just keep trying until he snags one.

roaches still freak me out. i had a dream about them lastnight:(

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It's def tough. my two big males ate them no problem right from the start but now want nothing to do with them. My one female will eat them all day and night if she could. and my faly is petrified of them. I tried hand feeding, cup feeding, putting them on the screen and they want nothing to do with them. :( Im trying to catch one right after it molted to see if that will catch there eye
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