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Has any body used this as a gutload for crix? I just ordered some, and was going to incorporate it. Let me know what your expierience was with it.



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Nothing dry besides the roach coach, just a good mix of veggies (I make a big salad for my tortoises with 10-12 ingredients and use it for the crickets also), and that fabulous Las Vegas sunshine! :cool:
I have been using carrot for about 5 days, until my roach coach comes tommorow. What other vegies, or fruit should i include in my gut load?



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When feeeding our insects (crickets/roaches/superworms) our dry diet, we go with the following veggies: squash (yellow, winter varieties); carrots; pumpkin; sweet potatoes. Avoid spinach & cabbages.

We also use fruits such as pears, apples and melons. You want firm-flesh fruits - not something that could turn mushy in 24-48 hours (like peaches; plums and similar fruits). We occasionally give oranges or tangelos.

For us, the rule of thumb is neatness because we have so many to feed. Another thing we discovered: no matter if you do give carrots or some other veggie/fruit for moisture - they still want a water source. We use water gel exclusively. It's cheap and easy. You can even rinse it off if it gets a bit soiled by crickets - but we found that the secret is using smaller dishes.

Early on, when were only feeding a couple thousand crickets, we gave them all the kitchen scraps - breads; veggies; fruits; meats (crickets are carnivorous whereas the roach isn't). Once we developed our insect diet, there wasn't much need for too many extras.

Besides - they love this stuff!



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When gutloading crickets or roaches I use collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens and dandelion greens. I use acorn, yellow and green squash. I use zucchini, escarole, endive, sweet potato, carrots and the occasional banana. I don't use a lot of fruit as it has a lot of sugar.

This site has a great list of nutritional facts of common reptile feeder insects, veggies and fruits. It even has a color coded chart of which should be used as staples, as treats or never :)
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