Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus digging tunnels but no eggs. Why?!


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okay im guessing that my Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus or called Rhampholeon brevicaudatus female is pregnant because i keep finding tunnels all over the terrarium but i dont see any eggs in the tunnels. she keeps staying close to the ground or on the ground but no eggs present. why isnt she laying? and is she even pregnant will they dig tunnels for no reason?
She will lay eggs even if she didn't breed.

They are test hole she still hasn't found a place that feels right or is being interrupted. Could be to hot/cold or wet/dry, or she could be having trouble passing them. If the cage is in a room that you frequent you could cover the cage to try to avoid interrupting her.
i have heard that you can mix play sand with the substrate and put some in tthere would that be a good place for her to lay her eggs?
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