ricky my male baby panther

Here he is heading as far away as possible when I mist.

Thanks I have been worrying if he was eating. I was offering in a bowl but they were still there at the eend of the night. I released some into the enclosure I looked over this morning just in time to see him snatch up a cricket. I tell you it was silly how releaved I was. He is usually more green but he hates when I open the cage to mist
My 4mo baby Simba hates me opening the cage to mist/feed too sometimes.

If he's on his basking vine when i do it, he moves his whole body to the side of the vine as if to hide behind it, bless him.

If he's on a branch he sometimes sits there and lets me mist and he cleans his eyes, sometimes he legs it!!! LOL

I just get on with what I'm doing...when he realises I'm putting food in though he normally keeps one eye on the food bowl LOL

I'm going to try him with wax moths 2mrw...will be interesting to see his reaction :D
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