Rex is little to dark


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After moving Rex from free range setup back in the cage (now it's been 5 days) he stays little dark all the time. Dark green/brown color, not brown but very dark brownish colors with dark stripes. Eats good, drinks as much as i can see. Basking temps are 92 cage at about 70 in the lower part, 50% humidity in the room. Screen cage with ficus plant.
what you think???
Sorry. veiled cham, few months old.


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from other pics you have showed the cage looks alot darker inside than the free range, does he brighten up outside of the cage.
Yes, your right, he was nice and green in the free range, then same time he was shedding there, and when I moved him in the cage, he finished shedding, first of all now he is displaying some other colors more darker and like white/gray colors same time he stays darker more. Ill try to take him out little later on tonight, to see.
Ok, I took him out on to the tree outside the cage, and he is all nice and light green on there. So is that cage screen makes him to camouflage? or what?


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i think it is just a manner of its darker in the cage so you cant see him as well
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