Rex eats very little


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Rex, veiled cham, about 6 months old plus minus.
5.0 UVB, basking at mid 90's, mistingtwice a day, and auto spraying , dusting.
He was eating just fine, now last couple of weeks, not eating much, maybe one-two cricks or super worms a day, sometime skips a day.
not a big eater. Just not to long ago he was eating like there is no tomorrow
Looks good, hydrated, and poops good colors after meal.
thats sounds odd. mine never had that problem. idk if it matters but im using an 8.0 uvb but otherwise jsut wait it out i guess.
how large is he? maybe his growth is slowing? maybe he wants variety? have you tried hornworms, silk worms, butter worms? my adult male veiled won't eat crickets at all!!!
he will eat super worms, hornworms and silkies but willnot eat crickets anymore, i don't know why i offer them to him
My 11 week old veiled was eating 5-8 small-medium sized crickets and now he is eating about 2 that I know of. He is ignoring the crickets (they could taunt him and he would walk away) and ignoring the silk worms and the superworms. He just is not interested. He is active and hydrated, and has big poop, so he must be finding things that I am not aware of.
Mine did the same thing at around that age too. He is just about three now and every so often he goes on hunger strikes or just wants one type of feeder. Other times he goes nuts and eats everything. They are reoccurring habits for him so it’s probably normal.

The most important thing right now is that you make sure he drinks and maybe try and get a different feeder such as horn worms. Just keep an eye on him and at the same time don’t worry too much and start messing with his setup. Post a pic of him if you can.

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