Rex eating to much


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Rex is Veiled under 6 months old.
my crickets are about 1/2"
first two loads of crickets I dust with calcium every day.
Today: (average day)
9AM 5 cricks 2 wax and 1 meal worm
11AM 2 cricks
noon 2 cricks
2PM 1 cricket
4PM 2 cricks
4-6PM 3 cricks
7PM 3 more cricks

is this to much???
ummm, i cant answer your question because i don thave much experience but i feed my cham all his crickets at once wuold this be a bad thing? the only thing i can answer your question about is that u dont want to feed them to much wax worms because they are high in fat.
small veileds will eat 20-30 good sized bugs a day. through my experience as lond as you throw a dozen or so in they'll pick a few off every hour or so. At the age that Rex is at he'll be growing extremely fast, and in just a few month you'll have to feed him twice a day.
I would probably do waxworms 2 times a week and do superworms insteal of mealworms..he should be big enough for them now and superworms have more nutrition.
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