Rest In Peace my Funky Green Boy


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After several vet visits and months of trying, my Chameleon Osiris has passed. He had been refusing food for months and no matter what we tried feeding he wouldn't take it. Our vet put him on omnivore care with additional calcium supplements and we thought he was doing better before he was found dead on the bottom of his enclosure. I rescued him from a friend and can confidently say that I was able to improve his care and hopefully improve his life. I am very sad about his passing but I am glad he is no longer in pain as the last week of his life he was very clearly not doing well. RIP my little green boy. <3

The picture in the middle is from the tank he came in and the other two are some of my favorites. I'll miss you my little man <3


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I’m so sorry! Try to remember the good times the most! ❤️ Do you know if he was impacted?
From the X-Rays and what the vet said, no. And we looked over the husbandry and from what they had said it was good. She had said that it might have been an issue from his previous home but we couldn't get a fecal sample before he passed. Thank you for your kind words.


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Let us know if we can support you in any way to help you get through this! Losing a pet, which is a family member, is always hard and takes a toll
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