Requisite Weekend Photos Three (Warning: Spiders)


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Be careful what you wish for peeps because here's more pics.

Female Trioceros cristatus:

Male Trioceros cristatus:

My Brachypelma vagans molted this week and I caught her(?) in the act.



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Go trioceros!!!! lol:p

love the cristatus

and the spider is interesting yet IMO a little disturbing:cool:...(molted pic)


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awesome photos,

gotta love the spider, got her in a molt picture with the fangs all white and soft.!


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Those are some nice chams!:) made me want some of those:eek: I wonder where I could get some here in the U.S. The spider is nice too, but not my thing.


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Awesome B. vagans! My G. rosea just shed about a week ago and my A. versicolor shed about a month ago. I didn't catch my versi but caught my G. rosea. :D I'm waiting for my B. auratum to shed. He stopped eating about 2 weeks ago or more. LOVE you Chams too... :)
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