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Hello all,
I've done enough research before starting this thread however I was unable to find the type (T-8 or T-12) of the fluorescent UVB Reptisun tube for 48 inch long models. I have bought 4 48 inch cheapo T-8 fixtures and tubes (Phillips daylight deluxe and coolwhite) to go along with the UVB tubes. the canopy will have 8 48 inch long tubes where 2 of them will be UVBs.

Should I go with 10.0 UVB or 5.0 UVB tubes for a 2 x 4 x 4 enclosure that is divided in the middle for 2 chams?

If you happen to use 48 inch UVB tubes in your enclosure, please let me know of the type.

Thank you.
I'm not sure I understand your setup. Are you going to use 8 x 48" fixtures to light a 2x4x4 enclosure?
If so, it may be way too much lighting. Can you clarify.
Personally I would not use more than 2 - one UVB and one plant/full spectrum.

I happen to use the reptisun 10.0 for my bearded dragon's setup but only b/c his enclosure is deep and dragons spend more time on the ground. For Cy's 2x2x4 I just use the 5.0 b/c he stays within the top 3rd of the cage - as most do. Is your cage 2x4x4 or 2x2x4? If it is the latter a 24" would be sufficient.
it's a single enclosure 2 x 4 x 4 seperated into 2 by a center divider panel. So a single chammy would have 2 x 2 x 4 space. The canopy will go over the whole enclosure providing light and mist to both of the chameleons.
Here's a picture of what I have so far.
looks good so far! I would still stick with just one shop light with 2 bulbs as they will need a place to get out of the light if they want. Or maybe use two fixtures but angle them. I say that b/c something to keep in mind is that the 6" at each end of that length bulb will use its output sooner than the middle. So once you have the chams in there see where they prefer to hangout for UVB and adjust accordingly. Have you seen the UK UVB site? VERY informative! Here's a link: UV-UK

What are you going to use for drainage and flooring? I won't be building anything anytime soon, but once I move and settle in I'd like to build a nice indoor cage and use the current screen for outdoor sunning (which isn't too often up here in NH). Always interested in seeing how folks build them.

Hey lele, sorry it wook so long to reply to you.
Frankly, I've yet to decide what kind of bottom I'll be using. I can list my options:

1. Expanded PVC board 6mm thick.
2. Something explained towards the bottom on here:
3. Plywood that is sealed again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again (you get the idea).
4. I'm open to new ideas.

As for lighting, I'm going to see how much light I have for hibiscus growth as well as a gradient of lighting as well as temperatures. I'll provide shades with hanging pothos.

Now that you can see the picture of the cage, would you think that I should cover the back side to keep the humidity in? If I do, I think I'll be diminishing the air circulation a whole lot even if the cage is going to be against a wall (3 inches in between)?
Vertex I believe you will find this old thread pretty interesting.

lighting question

Tonedo has quite an interesting set-up. Check out his gallery so you can see what he is talking about. After sometime he quite using the basking bulb. He did go with the 54w fluorescent lights which produce some heat. He also later on added on a light for UVb.

I myself use one light for UVb, one for full spectrum and of course an incandescent light (basking bulb). I think the more mainstream set-ups have some draw backs with plants. Say for instance in my set-up one basking bulb that is stationary. This does not allow for plants to recieve light from different directions. The result is plants that lack a good thick lower level. A solution to this problem would be to have a mobile basking bulb. My attempts have come...well...kind of weird. Another idea would be to have multiple basking bulbs. Say the one on the right side of the cage comes on in the morning, then another in the middle and at the end of the night the one on the left comes on. Of course the lights would go off as the other one came on. Probably a little overkill. The addition of some extra mainstream fluorescent lights would be benificail to the plants. With ones that are blooming like a hibiscus the standard fluorescent will probably do little to help out the flowers.
Thank you Jordan. I read the thread however I wasn't able to find Tonedo's gallery. Maybe a 2 AM in the morning thing. I just finished with some not-so-good-of-me type of job. I'm sure I've induced my asthma related allergies. I gotta create a thread about it now.
You can click on his name. This will give you a couple options, one will be to see his gallery. You can simply go to that thread click on his name where he posted a response and the click again to view his gallery.
My bad Vertex. You use to be able to do that, not any more for some reason. If you look in the top right hand corner of the screen you can hit gallery. Then click member galleries. Go to the "T" and then tonedo. Brad must have changed this with an update or I am just dumb. Either one is an option.
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