Reptisun 10.0 vs 5.0 for baby veiled chameleon


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Im purchasing a baby veiled chameleon in a few weeks and I have a 30 inch high terrarium. I was told that a 10.0 can burn the chameleons skin and eyes because its too strong. Should I purchase the 5.0 and use it until I put the chameleon in his 4 foot high terrarium. When I put the adult chameleon in the 4 feet high should I use the 10.0 or return it and always use the 5.0? I know that the 10.0 goes down 20 inches and the 5.0 goes down 12 inches. Please help and respond
But then the question of why is there. Doesn't a 10.0 penetrate deeper? And if you had the 10.0 not directly on the screen wouldn't you want that?
So the 5.0 is sufficient for the 3 foot high cage, but I should use the 10.0 when I put him in the 4 foot high cage?
If you think about it chams spend most of their time at the top of their cage. The extra UV just isn't necessary.
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