Reptile/Amphibian of the Week

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend.

This week's Reptile of the Week is...

Rainbow Snake Spotted in a Florida County for the First Time Since 1969 -  EcoWatch

The Rainbow Snake!!!!!

The Rainbow Snake is a non-venomous, handsome species. Their stripes vary from orange to red. The underside of a Rainbow Snake is usually red with a double row of black spots. This snake lives mostly lives in swampy regions and often burrows and is not commonly seen. It is smaller (40 in.) than the closely related Mud Snake (p. 75), and like the Mud Snake, the Rainbow Snake has a sharp "spine" at the end of the tail. Very little is known of the Rainbow Snakes' life history and feeding habits. A female Rainbow Snake can lay 20 or more eggs, which hatch in about 60 days.
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