I have a reptibreeze I purchased from Amazon. After I put it together it is not sturdy at all. It wobbles and it is difficult to open and closing the door without freaking the chameleon out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it more sturdy? Thanks


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I sure don’t know. I got one from petco online and it’s sometimes difficult to shut the door on it but I manage ok. I’m not sure what you can do to make it not wobbly. sorry! Hang on though, maybe someone else will have some ideas.

Klyde O'Scope

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Aluminum angles on the back 2 verticals. Probably have to be bar stock on the front 2 so as not to interfere with the door.

Alternatively (or in addition), run a diagonal on each of the 3 sides (excepting the front).
This is best done before assembly, but can be done after if done very precisely.

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