Reptibreeze replacement


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Hi I bought two reptibreezes when they first come out. They have rusted and are looking into gettig new cages. Apparently the rusting problem has been fixed. has anyone had a new reptibreeze that shouldnt rust? Has it rusted? These cages are the cheapest screen cages over here so if I can get the newer ones of these that will be great!


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I dont know if mine is a newer one I got it about 8 months ago for my veiled and so far so good the hinges are a little squeaky but other than that great cage and no rust

Grim Crow

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i got mine about a month ago, and i have noticed a small rust spot, but the screen mesh looks a little torqued, so i might have poke it a bit while arranging her cage.


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i have two reptibreezes that I have used on and off for about a year now and neither have started rusting I'm not sure if these are new or old ones though
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