Reptibreeze, LLL, terry Thatcher......?


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Hi, I am thinking of moving over to screen cages.
I wondered how different the LLL reptile cages ( USA ) Terry Thatcher and Reptibreeze are. Would appreciate any thoughts and opinions on them, individually and as a comparism.
Many thanks
In my experience, nothing will last as long as the aluminum frame screen cages LLL sells. Although not made by the current guy, I've got an identical one that I've been using for 20 years. Kinda curious about your reasons for switching to screen, also. Are more people starting to go that way in the UK?
Now THAT is an excellent question Harry....

I have never considered them before, living in the UK, as was very concerned about keeping correct temps despite many UK keepers say they can achieve good basking and ambient with them.

Their current homes are looking a bit weary now and I thought I would consider all possibilities.

By the very nature of your reply, I am very interested in your thoughts / opinions
From what I know, the ones from Terry Thatcher are the highest quality ones. But they cost two or three ? times more than the normal screen cages produced in Asia which are sold under different labels in Europe and the US. So it depends mainly on the size of your wallet. If you are interested in ReptiBreeze cages which should be available too in the UK, I heard that they will sell a new generation this year with rust problems. If you think the ones produced in the US are an option too I would advise you to check if you have to pay taxes if you import some
Are more people starting to go that way in the UK?

It seems so yes.....having mastered the art of consistant temps and humidity it seems screens are becoming more and more popular over here.
It also seems a lot of breeders are using them too.............

This side of the pond is still very much wood favoured for arboreals, and I have to say that unless you build your own then the market is small....and expensive. Not that money is my issue as such just that ............god I'm gonna get slated / sued lol - I don't feel they offer enough ventilation for Chams.

The ideal, over here, for me, would be an equal mixture of ' a material ' and mesh....failing that I do wonder if lots of Cham owners are sideing with screen over full wood.....hence my post.
ive got a reptibreeze xl i find they good i got from

i got mine in jan i will say they seem abit flimsey but ive yet to have a problem.
i used a felxairum 1st but i found that the screen gives a much better view.
as for rust, I scratched the bottom of my thank ( took the paint work off) and has rusted very slighty but that was my fault.

im trying to make a decent dragine for it though. i have 2 large conatiners to catch water but i have a saturaded floor ive got towels and plastic sacks under it but still leask thorugh
While I'm new to the cham world I have both Reptibreeze cages and cages from LLL and haven't had issues with either so far but the ones from LLL are easier to clean.
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