reptarium set ups??


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I wanted to know what everyone that has a reptarium uses to catch water and do you put it out side or inside them??? what have you found to work the best??

also if anyone knows this is a hypoestes plant safe?


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I use either the soft trays that you can buy specifically for the Reptarium or I use the lids for those plastic storage tote things.


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I have my cage on top of an egg crate light cover on top of a concrete mixing tub I got from Home Depot. It is a lot wider than my cage, so it catches all of the overspray from my mister. I found the idea here in the forums. I just need to set it up so I don't have to move everything around to drain the tub itself. :D


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I like that egg crate idea!

I keep my reptariums on tables. Indoors I use currigated pvc roofing material (like you see over carports and greenhouses) under my reptariums and put the tables up on concrete blocks at one end. Makes the water run down in the currigations like little gutters into catch tubs at one end of the tables. Outdoors I make tables that look kind of like ladders where each pair of rungs supports a potted plant and then the mist just rains right through the bottom of the cages onto the lawn...


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My husband built a stand for the cages (I'm set up for 2 but have 1 at the moment) which holds the cages over rubber drawers. I sort of like the bottom being completely open. Should my chameleon take a fall he'll have a soft landing.
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