reptarium or flexarium

i would recommend a ESU Fresh-Air Habitat Screen Cage, they are around 40 bucks for a 18"W X 12"D X 20"H cage. these are nice, crickets wont eat threw the mesh like the other cages you stated. this cage is perfect for a baby chameleon, because you dont want to give them to big of a cage until they are ready. but if you are getting a juvenile or an adult i would get this cage
it is worth the price and you will like it more and it will last longer than a reptarium, i really dont recommend them, id get a screen cage if any not a mesh
also i would like to ad that that zipper is so annoying! and its alot harder to get that pipes in there than it says!
I have a Reptarium, and it isn't terrible. The price is right, the little crickets are not getting out, it is easy to clean with a hose. But I do see the advantages of a wire cage with a nice door that opens up (no zipper), it is not easy to see into the Reptarium unless it is well lit, and it is a bit flimsy to put the lights on. There is not a good place to clip the clamp lamps to. I think it will be a good cage for me until my little one is about 6-7 months old.
All cages have pros and cons. I already have quite a few reptariums so I just try to improve on them.

Female veiled's reptarium

Made a rack to hold the flourescent lights out of some very cheap, thin molding wood. Garage shelving to get it off the ground. Extra poles used to hold the basking light. A plastic storage bin lid cut to size for a solid bottom. PVC pipe and screen to get to water out and a catch bucket. Cheap manual misting system that functions inside the cage. Honestly of two years of having my lady she could not be happier then she is now in that cage. For the whole thing plants, stand and all equipment it cost around $125-135.

Regardless of what cage you go with do not be afraid to use your imagination. Anything you can do to make it more efficent, functional or easier on you figure out how to do it. Owning chameleons can be a handful at times but planning can make at alot easier.
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