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Hey guys, I just joined this forum. I've been doing some research and I'm trying to setup a nice enclosure for a baby panther chameleon. There's an exotic pet show here on May 29th, so I'm hoping to have everything setup by then so I can bring home a nice baby panther chameleon :D

I've been reading A LOT of mixed reviews about glass terrariums so I've decided to go for a reptarium, the only problem is I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get one from around Toronto?

I'm looking to get the 65 gallon, so any tips or advice would be much appreciated as this is my first time.


PS: I also have two birds, a lovebird and a green cheek you think it would be ok to keep the birds and the chameleon in the same room?


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I can't help for your neighborhood. I can tell you that birds are natural predator's. You could stress the chameleon to the point of it not being healthy. jmo. OH welcome to the forum.


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The Reptariums have their good and bad points. They are lightweight, easily carried outside for summer basking and can be thrown in the washer for cleaning. They are a little dark and it's hard to see the animal inside and crickets will chew through the screen. A ReptiBreeze cage would be better.

There area few good pet/reptile shops in the GTA that have inexpensive supplies and should have both types of caging and you can make your choice. Big box store pet shops like PetSmart also carry various different screen caging for reptiles.

Port Credit Pets out in Mississauga. (The sponsor of the show you will be attending)

Reptile Kings

Reptilia up in Vaughn. (A reptile specific zoo mostly)

Global Exotic Pets in the K/W area if you are on that side of town.


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Thanks for the quick replies guys! This forum is amazing, lots of info. Ok so I'll keep the chameleon in a separate room so it cant see the birds.
I've been looking on youtube at Reptarium setups and I don't like how dark they i'll either go for a screen cage or a glass one.

I found a used exo-terra 18x18x24 for $100. Should I go for that? Is it easy to put lots of live plants in there?



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100 for that size USED is pretty expensive if you ask me..
I got a brand new 16x16x20 for 70 dollars. If you're lucky like my buddy, he got the 18x18x24 at a garage sale used for 40 bucks.


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Just to interject here on the bird thing. I only have one bird, not multiple like you, and it is a cockatiel. I house my chameleon and the bird in the same room. They are on opposite sides of the room but have clear view of one another as the room is not that big. He does not mind the bird at all. I have even let them check each other out and she gets more upset then he does!!! Not sayinhg all chameleons are the same but not all are completely stressed from the sight of other animals.


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Hey farhaddolat,

I have the 65g and 100g Flexariums (made by exo-terra) which are identical to Reptariums.
I also have various sizes of Reptibreeze cages (both Medium and Larges in stock atm).

I also have a few younger panthers from Chameleon Nation that he just dropped off for me on Saturday.

If you're in the area definitely come and stop by.

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Yeah I think you only find flexariums here, not reptariums, but same thing.
I have mine in them and theyre not as bad as they seem, visibility-wise. They always look terrible on camera, but when you're sitting here and their lights are on, you can see in just fine, better than you'd think you would by looking at it.
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