Rep cal vs miner all


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Which one is better?
I have access to both.
I have a male flapneck, probably between 3 and 6 months according to guesses.
In Ontario, so he's only indoors with lighting until summertime when I'll be trying to get him outside for some sun for a little bit every day.
I've usually seen on here recommending repcal w/o d usually, repcal w/d twice a month, and herptivite once or twice a month. That was going to be my plan but supplier telling me minerall is preferred by chameleon breeders. So.. Whig should I go with?
I like Miner-all. I use both right now. Miner-all O everyday with the 2 Rep-Cal products 2 times a month. The Miner-all is a lot stickier I noticed and it is less concentrated than the Rep-Cal products so you are less likely to overdose.
I was mostly concerned because it read like there were multiple vitamins in miner-all, whereas it seems like we're told ONLY calcium most days, calcium with D twice a month, multivitamin twice a month. So if he minerall calcium also has other vitamins, isn't that more like a multivitamin, even if is a weaker concentration?
That is what my breeder uses (the Minerall outdoor-cal without d3) so I figure if they have used it all this years with success then I shouldn't have any problems. I also use the repcal with d3 and the multivitamin from repcal called herptivite.
Okay, so you prefer the miner-all for the regular calcium, but the repcal with d better than the minerall indoor version ( which is their with d one, right?) why is that?
Both are great, but I like the minerall better for newer people as it's harder to mess up with. repcal has WAAAAAY more d3 in it, making it easier to OD the cham on it.

minerall calcium w/o d3 most feedings
minerall calcium w/ d3 once or twice a week
multivitamin once a month
Well, I have all the repcals right now. Should I go with the schedule I had planned? Dusting with no D every or i was thnking maybe just every other feeding, then with D twice a month, and herptivite twice a month? Should I be going lighter with supplements for a wild caught flapneck?
Yeah I looked at the jar, it does have a mix. Well hmm. I just want to find the right combination so I'm not overdoing anything.
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