Removed eggs viable?


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Sadly my panther got eggbound. After it all looked like it was going so well, with the growing and the digging. This weekend she just started looking so dehydrated and wouldn't take ANY water and then started losing strength and after watching her strain for a day, I took her into the vet. They confirmed that she had a blockage (the first egg was sideways) and would not be able to pass the eggs on her own. So they did a c-section and removed the eggs, she had over 30 eggs for a first clutch.
They are all packed up in hatchrite in a box with a bit of water in the closet.
I heard they might not be viable since it wasn't passed through her.
Any thoughts??


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You should be able to get them hatched, transportation is going to take a toll on your success rate though.


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Sometimes they make it and sometimes they don't when they are taken from the will just have to wait and see.
Hope your female is okay!
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