Rehoming Juvenile Male Veiled Cham in Gainesville, FL


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With a heavy heart I turn to you guys. I have two veiled Chams that I love. Sadly, I am a student athlete and with corona we are being moved into a small space and they only allow one pet. They do checks so I can only take one with me. I have had my female much longer and she is used to me now. I have only had this juvenile male for about a month. He is about 5 months old. Still very young! I have no idea how to go about rehoming him. I don’t want to give him to just anyone, I want to make sure he has a great life. He was a rescue from an awfully run pet store where he was stressed out beyond belief and not taken care of. He is in great health now though. I am willing to drive somewhere to rehome him and he will come with a glass enclosure with a mesh lid (not the best, was his temporary home), two lights, a humidity gauge, and all his plants and things to explore in his enclosure! If you or anyone you know would be interested please please let me know. I want Penne in a good home :(


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