Red spots on my Ri Brev baby


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I got four Ri. Brev babies. After 1 week of hatching, I found that one of them has two red spots on its body (as image). Anyone know is it some sort of disease? or just the pattern? Compared to other three little cham which are health and eat daily or bi-daily, this little guy with red spots is not so health, it soldem to eat.

Anyone has idea? :confused:


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I don't have any experience with Brevs, and I have only extremely limited knowledge regarding veterinary problems with chams, so I can't give you a definitive answer, but I can offer up an option...

From the photo (and it is hard to judge things like this simply from a photo), those red dots look suspiciously similar to the red scale insects my last batch of scheffleras were infected with. I don't even know if scale insects would climb onto a cham. Do the red spots seem part of his skin, or do they look more like scabs that could be peeled off?
Well, if it is a scale insect, I presume you would have to pluck it off. But when I did that on my plants, I found that those insects really do clamp onto the leaf strongly.
So you'd probably have to remove it very carefully with tweezers to prevent it from damaging your chameleon's skin when it comes off.

I really have never experienced that, so maybe it is best to wait for someone else's advice on it, or maybe just let a vet have a look at it.

If it isn't an insect, and is part of the cham's skin, then plucking it off would certainly harm the cham.

I just re-read what you posted after I posted: I presume you mean by "It looks like more a scale" that it looks like a scale on the chameleon's skin, and not a scale insect. If that's the case, then at best it could be nothing to worry about, just some random colouration, or at worst it would be something your vet would have to treat. The fact that you say that this cham is not as healthy as the others in its group makes me think that you should probably have it checked out by a vet regardless of whether the red spots are a problem or not.
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The red spots do not become bigger and just remain in red and similar size. But this little guy grow slower than others in the same batch. :eek: Any comment?
If the same dots were on the other side I might think that it was just the pattern...but I can't tell you what it is.

I have seen pox on chameleons, but they look slightly different than this and the CANV fungus looks different too. Sorry I can't be more help.
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