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i was feeding my cham when i noticed her left eye had a bulge and it was red in color, she was also scratching it on her vines. After several minutes, her eye went back to normal and it seems to be no problem at all. I booked an appointement at the vet for tomorrow but i was wondering if anybody knows what the ... is going on ???? im worrying about my girl :(
most likely she was just cleaning it. They do this weird eye-bulge to remove things from/clean their eyes and if this is the first time you've seen it, it can be very unsettling. Many will do it while getting misted or sitting under a dripper. As for the red - do you mean the skin color looked sort of reddish? That is normal (like much color change). Believe me, I am definitely NOT minimizing this! Cyrus ended up puncturing his eye globe from rubbing on the wrong thing (more to the story) but I do not know that you need to see a vet right yet What species and how old?

I would just watch her and be sure she has plenty of misting, dripping, good humidity levels (don't depend on one of those that just sticks to the cage, you really need a digital). If you live in the north and have dry air you may want to get her used to the ocassional shower. Keep us posted or if you have other concerns.
she's 7 months old, but u might be right. i was misting her, i live in the north ... and i canceled my appointment to the vet. she seems to be doing just fine now. Thanks for ur answer, its really appreciated. If there's anything i'll let you know for sure. My boyfriend is the greatest, he's gonna make me a little shower for my girl. :)
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