Red Eye Tree Frog Referal

can anybody refer me to a well and accurate red eye tree frog care sheet.

my RETF hasn't been too active the last couple days, but is still light green in color. i feed her every other day and dust with herptivite every feeding calcium once a week. her temps are between 71-75 depending on the day, night time temps are usually 67 degrees.

any help would be great appriciated! you can also feel free to PM
thank you very much, but i am looking for something a little more specific, regarding supplimentation, proper lighting, temps and humidity, how often to clean.

my RETF has been quite active the past few nights, she got up last night and ate, but shes been sleeping more so. is it due to winter shut downs?
she has no signs of illness, and her color is still nice. dark at night of course.

can some please give me some more specific advice? rep points will be given as bribery! :)
About the only time I see my RETF's is at night or when they are getting ready to go to bed in the morning and I got up before they conked out for the day. When I see them out in they day, I get worried.

I really can't offer anything more. I keep mine at >60% humidity and between 70-80F. I use a 5.0 linear UVB and incandecent for the plants and heat. It's a big tank and heavily planted. I use the same gut loaded and dusted crix that I used with all my other reptiles.

If it is not emaciated/has lesions/feces is normal/etc. it is probably going thru a brumation like period. I'd just keep an eye on it for now.

I am no expert by any means and I am sure there are others here that could give you the real low-down skinny on it.
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