Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lil nasty, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Lil nasty

    Lil nasty Member

    if u talk about petsmarts improper care then ur thread gets deleted??
  2. PrettyInInk87

    PrettyInInk87 New Member

    It does? Wow...:confused:
  3. moviemanmania

    moviemanmania Avid Member

    that's one sided.
  4. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    One of the rules:

    1. Conflicts between individuals and/or businesses should NOT be debated in the public forums. Chameleon Forums should not be used as a tool for resolving personal or commercial disputes.
    I doubt this thread will be long-lived, either.
  5. e30nate

    e30nate New Member

    i could see the reasoning of this. there is no need to clog up the boards with numerous debates about businesses, but there is also a difference between a debate and simply stating your opinion.
  6. Lil nasty

    Lil nasty Member

    this isnt a conflict between me and petsmart. last time i checked a chameleon cant talk. so im pretty sure a chameleon cant state his conflict to the buisness. this is a conflict between a chameleon and a buisness, thus in rules. thank u :)
  7. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    So your feelings that petsmart has improper care isn't a conflict? So.. what is it?

  8. dclough77

    dclough77 New Member

    but thier care is improper aye, ive seen some rough animals there chams mainly, petco this is but same thing huh:mad:
  9. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    That is an over-generalization.
  10. Lil nasty

    Lil nasty Member

    I just think it's messed up 2 sweep it under the rug like that, I understand the rule now, I wish I would have got like a pm stating why my thread was deleted so I didnt have to start a new thread now
  11. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Well, technically you were supposed to read the rules when you joined.
  12. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    I'm probably the one who's glad that a thread complaining about a big box pet store was deleted. Usually those go on endlessly, but a thread about a supposedly "local" store is immediately in the dumpster.

    I do, however, think that the apparent change in policy could be many have posted "anti-Pet Smart" or "anti-PetCo" threads that it was probably reasonable to assume it was allowed.

    Being confusing leads to people being's sort of a given. Pick a position and stick to it...that would probably be the best idea.
  13. pssh

    pssh New Member

    I think it's more of a 'if-the-mods-see-it' kind of thing or which direction the thread goes AND which mod is on at the time.
  14. Lil nasty

    Lil nasty Member

    There's a new site poll, who actually read the rules

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