Really ooooooold veiled


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A few weeks ago I ordered some small silkies for my brevs...and as you could have guessed, they very quickly grew too big for the brevs to eat! The frogs and gecko enjoyed them too, but now they're too big for everything except the White's tree frog. So I took some of the silkworms to the local pet store, to see if they'd trade some crix for them.

The store has some reptiles that are just their pets, including one veiled that I knew was elderly. I asked if I could hand feed him a worm, and she said his tongue didn't work well, and I'd have to practically put it in his mouth. She fed him three silkies, and he enjoyed them; his tongue would only come out about 1/2", and she would stick the worm on it, then he'd pull it in. He turned pretty dark after eating. He is 11 years old! His casque is white on top, and he has some blotchy colors, but otherwise looks fat and happy! Makes me feel good about that store, that they care enough to keep him alive that long and hand feed him.

She gave me a whole box of 1000 small crix for about 30 big silkies. I'm happy with it, esp. since I'm about out of silkworm food...:D
holy cow!! HE IS OLD!!!! was he walking fine and everything or was he just a fatty on a branch?
"fatty on a branch"....LOL! No, he moved, but slowly, certainly not trucking around, but for his age, I think he does pretty well....
Wow..That is old..They must have been doing a good job to keep him past life expectensy..
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