Really freaky Science!!


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Japanese researchers have discovered a way to render a dead animal's flesh and muscles completely transparent, and somehow dyed their skeletal systems a variety of cyan and magenta colors, all presumably in the name of scientific research. Check out some of the results:

Includes video


I know that these images look like the skeletons without flesh and muscles, but as this video creepily illustrates, the skeletons are in fact encased in bodies that have been rendered transparent:
I dont think the rat or whatever it was, in the video, was dead.
No idea why they would do that, maybe, like most weird or obscene science, just because they could!
Weather they should, dosen't often come into it, ask the guy from jurrassic park. :D
Just looked again, "dat critter waz de-ad!"
Just looked like it was moving, its in water or some clear liquid I didnt notice before! :)
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