Ready for a good laugh? I'm SO relieved...


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Let me preface this with the fact that I have had Fractal (veiled cham), for 3 months now, raising him from no bigger than my little finger to a 10 incher... maybe more. Seems sometimes like he grows overnight.
Anyway... I was alarmed because he was almost falling off his perch for a few days all the sudden. I wrote the "worried" thread, right?
Anyway.. Today, my best friend was exclaiming how BIG Fractal had gotten and was noting how alert and clean he looked. I was telling him how we thought MBD, but that I felt his legs looked just fine...straight and healthy. Thensuddenly he went over and was hanging upside down on his basking perch. He was grappling to get back around top but it was difficult for him. I was freaked and said, "See? That's what he does!" My best friend looked at me and said, "That's what you would do too if you were on a rolling log." I didn't see that that Fractal has gotten so heavy, that he causes the perch to roll in it's fixture. Needlless to say, the problem has been secured.
As for the white excrement I described In the "worried" thread...? I think you would mess yours too it you were up that high and that happened. lol He actually yelped when it happened, just like we would too. lol
So... Fractal is doing great and I hope to have him in the contest this month so you can see him at 4 months old. Er... should be he be nearly a foot long already?
And if so... when do they stop growing? lol
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