re-potting a new live plant?


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;) I've read several posts about making sure to replace the soil after purchasing a new plant, due to pesticides and those little white thingys(LOL) in it, because the cham could mistakenly eat them.....
I am new to the subject of soil. What should you use to re-pot your plant, that doesn't have anything in it the cham could eat or that would be dangerous to the cham? Tara:confused:
Re-potting & washing live plants

I just wrote a section on re-potting last night for my care sheet Tara. This will be easy as I will just copy/paste that section here for you :) .

"When purchasing live plants, make sure you completely rinse off the plants of any potential pesticides that may have been used by the establishment where you purchased them. Even turn them upside down to rinse under the leaves and thoroughly wash and rinse the plant of any potential toxin. Additionally, many nurseries put fertilizers inside the soil as well. It is always a good idea to re-pot your new plant with organic soil that does not have fertilizers in it to be on the safe side. Chameleons will occasionally eat dirt, rocks, and leaves. Make sure you are aware of this and remove any potential small rocks that a chameleon might try to eat and swallow. To prevent them from eating the soil and/or rocks, providing some nice large decorative rock (larger than a chameleon can place into their mouths) to place around the plant in the pot can help alleviate this problem."

Hope that helps you :)
Thanks Jenna! That's just what I wanted to know.

Thanks so much. When I go to get my plants, I want to get everything I need for the plants in one shot! This helps soo much! Thank you Jenna! Tara
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