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Let me start by saying I had this Cham and have always badly wanted one way before the movie came out it just seemed like a good name thats all anyways this is home any tips or anything would be greatly appreciated thank you!


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looks nice i like the name sign. i would maybe consider some live plants as well as what are you useing for lights UVB and basking.
I personnaly think the name Rango is a great name! Regardless of the movie. Iam going to name my Panther Rango, when i finally aquire a chameleon! (education education education) :)
All I have is the big dripper it drips on the same leafs same spot everyday is that enough combined with misting about twice a day? I wanna get an auto mister do you thats better than a dripper?
It's 24x24x48 I have a piece of 2x4 going across the top with the big dropper sitting on that so it does not wear down the screen I bought a cheap black end table from iKea that's about 2 feet high
Looks great and I love his name plate! I use all fake plants in all my cages because the plant graveyward was just getting too big...works really well for me though! :)
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