Raising Silkworms!


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What Type Of Container Do I Use. & A List Of Supplies Needed.

I Think I'm About To Order Some Silkworms. Any Website Suggestions? Also Where I Can Get Some Prayin Mantis..

Thanks, Kenny D
coastalsilkworm is the best place to order large quanity. and my suggestion would be to have a large mulberry tree nearby for food. the food they sell but it stink compared to the real stuff and it really stinks mixing the stuff together
Kenny D,
Go to this site -www.chameleonnews.com , once there pick past issues, and select Februrary of 2005 issue. There is an article about silkworms that tells you pretty much anything you need to know.

Thank You For The Feedback Everyone. Maybe I Overthink These Things But After Buying My First Chameleon Setup I Wanna Do Things Right The First Time!:D

Whats Up Jerm. I Will Check Out The Link, Thanks For Your Help.
Got My Silk Worms Today. Can't Wait To See Is My Cham Likes Them.

Now I Need To Figure Out How To Reproduce These Things!
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i was at a site a few weeks ago that sells praying mantis they were the pods are whatever they are born from they were 200 -250 for about 15.00 .
when i'm surfing again i will see if i can find it.
Mulberry farms is also another vender. I think Coastal's advertising is bogus. Personally, you should charge by size, it cost more to raise them longer. He doesn't charge by size because he only sells them as 1/4 - 1.5inch. That is small or medium by MF standards. I have ordered from both and prefer MF by a longshot. They also provide several other types of feeder insects.

Happy raising!

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