Rainmaker I Mist Setup - Nozzle Drips?


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I just got the rainmaker I in the mail. Went to run it, and noticed that the nozzle emits lots of drops while misting. It's not the threads leaking, but more like the nozzle pressure is causing lots of drops to occur (like 2 per second). I'm only using one tip at the moment.

Is this normal? I called the guy and he said it wasn't, mentioned it may have been a bad nozzle. So I tried all 4 nozzles and they did the same thing. Any ideas what im doing wrong? Do I need new nozzle tips? Do I need to run more than 1 tip?

I'm about ready to return it and get Pro Mist....from what I read on these boards they are far more terrarium friendly...and probably A LOT quieter.

Any advice would be much appreciated. :D
same thign happens to me with the nozzle thingy. This is what i did. when the nozzle is new... the will be air bubble in it.... use your fingers and place it on top to stop the water from exiting for a 5 - 10 second till pressure builds up and then release.... see if this works!!
for me............after i place my fingers onto it.............and then release... i works and i do not need to place my fingers onto it everytime i water them. Also make sure you tightened the nozzle to allow pressure to builds up
Well shoot that didnt work, still getting the drops like crazy. *sigh* I guess I'll try some of the heads from Mist King if they are compatible. Man this is so odd!! I wish it would just work properly.
I like my Pro-Mist nozzels. Fine mist and wide spray. My cham likes them! Maybe give them a try!
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