rain maker jr questions


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has anyone used this misting kit?? and how what size nozzle should i buy ??? 1/2 ounce per sec? 1 ounce per sec?? any info would be greatful.
The rainmaker jr. kit isn't suitable for use with chameleons. The main problem being that the pump can only run for 5 minute intervals MAX, without running the risk of overheating. Also, the pump cannot run dry and if it ever did, would most likely melt and become a huge firehazard.

Buy the Rainmaker I system, it can run continuously and can run dry.For nozzles use the wide angle, low flow ones (red).
low end thank you for the info. i went with the pro mist sytstem. it can spray as long as i want for mow ever many times. good thing u told me i didnt see the 5 minute max on there.
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