R.I.P. Paluma


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Well, after a long struggle with her not eating, possibly being pregnant (Necropsy will let me know if she was or not) and a temporal infection (In which she JUST got her meds today for it), Paluma has left us. Rest in peice my little female Jackson's.



I am so sorry to hear that you lost your cham. Losing critters is the most difficult part of owning them.
Performed her necropsy, she had 7 developed babies in her, 7 others were infertile. She had fluid in her lungs and her right lung had bloody fluid in it, everything else was fine. Now if I can only find a place that sells jacksons, online the shipping is ridiculous.
sorry about your loss, were you able to save the fertile eggs?

wouldn't your cheapest bet be to ask someone from hawaii (some1 on the forums maybe) to catch you a wild one and ship it over? if you know of someone who can find them easily maybe they'll only charge you for shipping and not put a price on the animal
Sorry to hear about Paluma. (BTW does the name Paluma mean anything?)
Too bad she hadn't made it through to having her babies so at least you would have had them to carry on her line. :(

Electric....Jackson's have live babies...not eggs. Never heard of any surviving if the mother dies before she gives birth to them.
Paluma is the Mayan word for water. I work for a local museum and have had the embryos preserved. They were way cool looking too, little eyes and you could see their little tail.
Its so sad to see the embryos so close to when they would be born when they don't make it. Its also sad to see babies born that can't make it out of the sacs and that don't survive even when you help them out.
She will be dearly missed. The big cage (It's a custom-made cage that splits into 2 cages) looks so empty on the right side. :(
that's interesting I had no idea they didn't lay eggs...we really do learn something new each day then lol
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